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"(Graham Robb) doesn't soften Rimbaud's "savage cynicism" or gloss over his frequently obnoxious behavior, yet Robb arouses our admiration for "one of the great Romantic imaginations, festering in damp, provincial rooms like an intelligent disease."   -

Rimbaud - Biography by Graham Robb

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Rimbaud - Biography by Graham Robb


Few poets have had the lasting impact that Jean Nicholas Arthur Rimbaud has. Today, over one-hundred years after his death, his mark on modern literature, poetry, music and mindset can still be felt.

What I find so interesting about Rimbaud's poetry is the complete innocence of its nature. He was a sixteen year old coming to terms with the world around him, trying to make sense of things before the world got its cynical, blinding claws on him. He wasn't writing to be published, he wasn't creating to impress the bourgeosie of 19th century France, nor for monetary gain. All that seemed to matter to Arthur Rimbaud was the process of writing, the actual act of putting pen to paper and capturing the
images in his young head. Rimbaud was doing this for no one but himself.

That's artistry.


In his time, Rimbaud was considered a filthy, cocky child with a small talent and a big mouth. His works weren't appreciated until long after he stopped writing (at the terribly young age of 19.) Many of his works were considered obscene; so much so, that after his death, his sister attempted to stop the publishing of many of his more risque works. However, thanks to his one-time partner, poet Paul Verlaine , the majority of his works have remained intact and are available to this day.
Moreso than his poetry, Arthur Rimbaud has been remembered for his tumultuous relationship with Verlaine, who was many years his senior. Their relationship has been the subject of several books, many songs, a play, and a film. The most notable of these projects is Christopher Hampton's 1960's play about the poets, by the name of Total Eclipse. In 1995, Hampton also penned the screenplay, also titled Total Eclipse .

But the most important thing Rimbaud left behind was his poetry and his spirit. My hope is to extend that spirit and that view to anyone willing to take a look at his work.

Since its inception in 1998, this site has had nearly 100,000 unique hits, has united over 200 Rimbaud readers in nearly every U.S. state and over 100 countries via our mailing list  and has been cited in several educational webrings/sites. The spirit of Rimbaud is indeed alive today.


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