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an original poem by Dan Bober

For Love and Rimbaud

One evening I took Beauty in my arms
- I found her bitter
- and I insulted her.*

The feast is here
but I'm not biting
self-pity and hunger drive me
Not a hunger for food
But a hunger for fuel
and a life worth living!

Tortured and tattered
from the inside - not out
Distant thoughts of suicide
My Everlasting Disaster
I only know somehow
It will all go away!

Grow the beard
cover the face with hair
Take it down incognito
Someday you'll find me hiding
So I won't have to live and die

Let it come, let it come The season we can love!**

* Arthur Rimbaud - A Season In Hell
** Arthur Rimbaud - A Season In Hell: a song from the highest tower

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