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20th century vagabonds


"Illuminations became my constant companion. The places we traveled physically and metaphysically may be addressed elsewhere. Suffice to say, I recognized a brother, one of my imagined kind. His work was indecipherable yet familiar. It presented another language that part of me grasped immediately. The part that didn't sneered patiently.

- Patti Smith, singer

...when a society becomes afraid of its poets, it is afraid of itself...

Literary Kicks
A site dedicated to the Beats & their legacy. Amazingly thorough, Levi Asher's site is a perfect jumping board for anyone interested in Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs, Kesey or Cassady.
The Jim Carroll Website
This site, run by Cassie Carter of Lansing, MI, is the most thorough of all Jim Carroll sites on the web. Features sound, tour dates, unpublished poetry, photos and notes from the author himself.
The Official Leonard Cohen Site
Features sound clips, full discography, and photographs. While mainly about Cohen's music, the site does offer some insight on Cohen as author and poet.
Franz Kafka Homepage
Features a full bibliography, biography, selected texts and links to purchase this author's masterpieces.
The Unofficial Tom Robbins Page
This quirky page contains essays about both the author and his works, as well as excerpts from his texts.
The Non-Musical Writings of John Lennon
This is the pulp of what John Lennon was about --- he was a poet and no other page on the web defines this more. Though sparse, it's definitely worth a peek.

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