When a child, certain skies sharpened my vision: all their characters were reflected in my face. The Phenomena were roused.-- At present, the eternal inflection of moments and the infinity of mathematics drives me through this world where I meet with every civil honor, respected by strange children and prodigious affections.-- I dream of a War of right and of might, of unlooked-for logic. It is as simple as a musical phrase. 

Arthur Rimbaud

from Illuminations




The Art Rimbaud Project- 10.23.04
The intensity and the timeless emotional impact of Arthur Rimbaud's work make his poetry the perfect song lyrics. A project aiming at composing songs based on a selection of Rimbaud's poems was long predestined to be.

In 1994 Hector Zazou - together with artists such as Bill Laswell, Dead Can Dance, John Cale, David Sylvian, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Tim Simenon - produced Sahara Blue, an album with twelve songs based on English translations of Rimbaud poems.

In 2004 an enthused group of professional artists has teamed up to make a similar and just as ambitious project happen, this time using German translations of Arthur Rimbaud poems. Check it out here. 
Brand New Forum - 10.17.04
To celebrate the 150th birthday of Arthur Rimbaud, a stunning and aesthetic new message board has been created by Monsieur Mustache.  It contains five forums, and is moderated.  A secret society of sorts, participants are asked to register an account, even to view the message board itself.   Go there now!

Included within are never before seen colour photographs of Rimbaud, Verlaine, Baudelaire, Wilde, and the poet from Montreal, Quebec, Emile Nelligan (1879 - 1941), who in many quarters around the world has been said to be Canada's Rimbaud.  There is also focus upon the Victorian novelist, Marie Corelli (1855 - 1924), whose works, although despised by the critics of her day, rose to a popularity greater than any of her contemporaries, and set new standards in the literary world, many of which are continued today. Many thanks to Monsieur Mustache for this great addition to the site!


Books Removed from Frontino's Site
Like it or not, copyrights are copyrights. We are, after all, under the thumb of the RIAA for music... of course, there is a bit of the same going on with literature. Deke Frontino, a soul kind enough to let us link his site for many years, has taken down his site and vanished from the face of the earth, far as we can tell. Deke had both Illuminations and A Season in Hell up on his site for years. He allowed us to link to him. Unfortunately, New Directions, who own the rights the the translations he was posting, contacted him and threatened legal action if he didn't remove them. Alas, they're no more. Of course, we've been lucky enough to have a few of Dennis Carlisle's pieces up. I have two suggestions -- 1) Log on to Xlibris.com and order Dennis Carlile's new RIMBAUD: THE WORKS (see below)  -- Dennis is a hell of a nice guy, and quite the translator! Or, if you're especially spiteful on Deke's behalf,  check out The Drunken Boat's favorite used bookstore, Powells.com. Hop on, order a used New Directions copy and say to hell with 'em!


"[Charleville] prepares for the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of its most famous native son in 2004; the asphalt streets leading from the town square to the river have been torn up, to be newly paved with "authentic" cobblestones. Gas streetlamps will be installed. The house by the river where the Rimbaud family lived is being restored as a museum; it will contain the personal effects of the poet on display—his famous valise, the articles of clothing, the cutlery, the musical instruments, the mementos and leavings of a life. And even though his bones rest beneath a white marble tombstone in the old cemetery at the end of town, Rimbaud is conspicuous by his absence—except perhaps on chocolate boxes, posters, postcards, and a bronze bust at the railway station that looks like "somebody else." - Dennis J. Carlile


Translator Dennis J. Carlile, author of the plays Carved in the Fog, Delmore at the Last, and JUMP! The Madness of Nijinsky, will be releasing a completely new version of all of Rimbaud's work in June of this year.

Says Betrand Mathieu (Orpheus in Brooklyn): "This is  Rimbaud cast in the language of Twain and Whitman!" Ethan Fischer of Antietam Review claims "The punk Prometheus comes to life and sings."

Appearing here for the first time are  several pieces from this complete collection, RIMBAUD; THE WORKS; Carlile has been kind enough to give visitors of The Drunken Boat Website an early peek at some of these beautiful translations. In addition, he has also offered up reviews for both Robb and Nicholl's Rimbaud books.

RIMBAUD: THE WORKS will be available for purchase from Xlibris.com. Stay tuned for an exact street date.

Read selections from Carlile's RIMBAUD: THE WORKS.



Henry Miller on Rimbaud
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Time of the Assassins author Henry Miller found Rimbaud is the strangest of ways...


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Absinthe in the 19th Century
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The Green Fairy Hemingway, Lewis, Wilde, Picasso, Verlaine and Rimbaud... 
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Jim Carroll's Rimbaud Scenes
  Rimbaud Sees The Dentist - Yes, you read that right. From his out-of-print 1986 collection The Book of Nods, Jim Carroll (best known for The Basketbal Diaries) waxes poetic (alright prose) about Rimbaud in a four part series. Here are the first two... starkie.htm
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Paul Verlaine
"You will be damnable if you don't answer this!" - One of the many great one-liners pulled from Rimbaud and Verlaine's letters. The relationship between these two has been much-hyped... What gets lost in the mix is the reality that Verlaine was a poet in his own right...


Now Available



Steinmetz Bio Released  in U.S.
  The long- awaited release of Jean-Luc Steinmetz's Rimbaud bio is finally here!  Read Dennis Carlile's comprehensive review of Presence of an Enigma.


parade sauvage - the rimbaud studies magazine
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French readers will enjoy a peek at Parade Sauvage, a literary magazine on all things Arthur. A Verlaine studies magazine, Revue Verlaine, is also in print. The former is 170 francs and the latter 160 francs. Checks are payable to: "Monsieur le Receveur de Charleville-Mezieres". To order, send moneys to Musee Rimbaud, BP 490 F-08109 Charleville-Mezieres cedex FRANCE.



our sister site
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Be Sure to Visit! - Peter Pullicino has an extensive site on Rimbaud. If you don't find what you're looking for here, check out this extremely informative and aesthetically pleasing site.


mailing list
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Looking for a particular poem by Arthur? Got a question about a translation? Seeking likeminded folk? One of our members is bound to have the answer. The Drunken Boat mailing list is over one hundred members strong, dozens of countries wide and well into its fourth year.  Sign up now!


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Countdown to 150th Anniversary of Rimbaud's Birth:

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